Terms & conditions

CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE PLATFORM INTRODUCTION This document describes the use of the “LongLake” online platform (hereinafter the “Platform”), consisting of the site www.longlake.ch (hereinafter the “Site”) and the resources connected to it, including pages and profiles on social media (in particular: Instagram). Paragraphs A and B specify the ownership of the Platform, the coordinates for communications and describe the mechanism of acceptance and revision of this document. The conditions for accessing and using the Platform and its functions are described in paragraph C. Finally, paragraph D regulates the material law applicable to the legal relationship between the parties and establishes the competent court in the event of a dispute connected to this relationship. The policy on the processing of personal data and cookies relating to the Platform, with consequent information to the user, is described in a separate document, accessible at this link. The same is understood here fully reproduced and integrated. By “user” we mean any person, natural or legal, who uses the Platform. By “promoter” we mean any user, natural or legal person, who reports or organizes events intended for publication on the Platform. OWNER OF THE PLATFORM AND COMMUNICATIONS The Platform is owned by the Municipality of Lugano (CH) (hereinafter the “Owner”) and is managed by the Events and Congresses Division of the City of Lugano. All communications must be in writing and will be considered validly and effectively carried out upon receipt of the same, if made by ordinary mail, respectively at the time of sending the reading confirmation, if made by e-mail. Contacts: • Events and Congresses Division, City of Lugano Via Trevano 55, CH-6900 Lugano • +41 58 866 74 40 (from Switzerland) • E-mail: [email protected] ACCEPTANCE AND MODIFICATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS By using the Platform, the user accepts the terms and conditions in force at the time of access. The current version can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the Site. It is the user’s responsibility to carefully check the status of the terms and conditions before accessing the Platform, as the right of the Owner to update this document is reserved. at any time and at its own discretion, in particular according to the evolution of the applicable law, the functionalities, as well as the services and products made available to the user. CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE PLATFORM The Platform allows users to find information via the website and Newsletter on the events taking place within the LongLake Festival program. Users also have the ability to share and / or comment on events via their favorite social media. 1. The Platform provides information free of charge and without guarantees The Platform is purely for information and is free of charge. The Data Controller does not exercise any control or carry out preventive checks on external events reported by the promoters and published on the Platform. The user must not rely on this information without adequate direct verification with the event organizer, as the Municipality of Lugano does not issue any guarantee of completeness and / or correctness. The user is recommended to contact the event organizer in advance and ask for confirmation of all the relevant elements for their choice (in particular: confirmation of holding the event, price, age restrictions, safety requirements, etc.). Hyperlink Policy The Owner authorizes, reserving the right of revocation at any time, the hypertext links directed to the home page of the Site or to the social profiles, provided that these links are in no way harmful to the image of the Platform, the Owner and its organs. , managers and officers. Hypertext links to the internal pages of the Site, the downloading and incorporation, partial or complete, of the contents of the Platform into other sites or online and / or offline resources are prohibited and will be prosecuted civilly and criminally, except for a written license issued by the Owner. Contents of the Platform Intellectual Property on the Platform The Owner holds the full and exclusive intellectual property on the individual components of the Platform, its graphics, its databases and its contents, as well as on signs and designations protected by law, as well as registered trademarks (if indicated) and not. Any use by third parties not supported by a legal or contractual use license, in the latter case in written form, is unlawful and liable to civil and criminal prosecution. Content derived from social media and other public sources The Data Controller publishes images selected by his collaborators or transmitted by users on the Platform. If the author of the images believes that they are protected by Swiss copyright law (LDA), the Owner is available to settle the matter. Please write to [email protected] providing the link to the photograph, your personal data and proof of legitimacy as author or owner of the claimed copyright. In the event of protection, at their own choice, the author may request the mention of his or her capacity as author or even the deletion of the image from the Platform. Right to modify the content transmitted The Data Controller reserves the right, which the user accepts by using the Platform, to unilaterally change texts, images, links and content intended for publication without prior consent. Links to sites, resources and online services external to the Platform The Platform integrates links to sites, resources and online services external to its domain, for example to acquire data in real time and show information (for example, images, news and videos). The Data Controller has no control over these sites and resources, in particular from the point of view of security, the quality of the information received and the protection of data, and therefore accepts no responsibility for any malfunctions, unavailability, damage or losses deriving from the use of / from the reliance on any content, goods and / or service from third-party sources or available on sites and resources outside the luganoeventi.ch domain. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION The legal relationship between the user and the Municipality of Lugano with reference to access and use of the Platform (and related resources) is governed by Swiss material law, subject to cantonal law where applicable, excluding the rules of international law. private. The parties choose the competent Court for the matter for the Lugano District as the only competent Court in the event of a dispute arising or simply connected with the use of the Platform (and related resources), reserving any mandatory law rules that impose a different forum. The Municipality of Lugano reserves the right to appeal to the competent Court at the headquarters, branch or domicile of the user. Effective Date: May 24, 2022