The Notwist will take the stage on July 15th.


The Notwist will take the stage on July 15th.
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On July 15th, The Notwist, one of Germany’s most iconic independent groups, will take the stage. The band, formed in 1989 in Munich, consists of Markus Acher (vocals and guitar), Michael Acher (bass), and Andi Haberl (drums). Throughout their career, which began in 1990 with their debut album “Notwist”, the band has released nine albums, showcasing their ability to evolve and become one of the main reference groups for world post-rock. The Notwist transitioned from the grunge and indie sounds of their debut album to the experimental rock with jazz sounds of “Shrink” in 1998, before arriving at “Neon Golden” in 2002, which became a cult album for post-rock fans. Their latest album, “Vertigo Days”, was released in 2021 and accurately describes the anomalies of this historical period, thanks to collaborations with external vocalists and instrumentalists who perfectly adapted to the group’s post-rock style. Their music is open and exploratory, with captivating structure thanks to the combination of melancholic pop, noisy electronics, hypnotic Krautrock, and drifting ballads. To open the concert, Puts Marie, a Swiss rock band from Biel/Bienne, took the stage. With fifteen years of existence, some recordings, solo escapades, and trips to New York, Broadway or Mexico… Puts Marie cultivates a troubled past, between myth and mystery. But it doesn’t matter, because the band from Bienne has been impressing audiences on stage for years, with intense and abrasive performances in Switzerland and Europe, from the Transmusicales in Rennes to the Printemps de Bourges, passing through Eurosonic in the Netherlands or The Great Escape in Brighton. A success that owes as much to its musical qualities as to its unique personality, between a big rock’n’roll circus and a strange theater of poetry. Brian Zajak, known as Fejká, began his music career at the age of 17. Divided between the soft and dreamy atmosphere of electronic music and the hard and incisive rhythms of techno, Fejká could not decide which direction his musical production would take. From his studio in Stuttgart, he decided to intertwine these two worlds to develop his own musical signature, which can be found in his latest album “Hiraeth”, released in October 2022. This young artist, protege of Christian Löffler, will close the Saturday evening with a dreamy live set.” Tickets: