Good rules of behaviour
In order to ensure that everyone has a beautiful, enjoyable and safe experience during the entire event, each participant is expected to observe and enforce the following rules of behaviour. These are simple common sense rules designed to make everyone feel good and to enjoy the Festival as much as possible:

    • Respect all participants. Without exception, forms of violence, threats, insults, prevarication, discrimination, racism or intolerance will not be tolerated.
    • Cooperate with those who are working at the Festival. Security officers and staff are always ready to help you with any doubts or clarifications.
    • Respect the environment. The Festival is committed to ensuring that the Festival area and city spaces remain clean throughout the event despite the large audience presence. Help us limit our impact on the environment by disposing of waste in the designated spaces.

In addition to the above-mentioned rules, everyone is reminded that the Regulations approved in November 2015 by the Municipality of Lugano apply to the Ciani Park, where various Festival initiatives take place.

Festival Info

The official LongLake Festival Info Point is located in the red Lugano Scintilla container in the Boschetto area of the Ciani Park and is open from 12 noon (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and 4 p.m. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Official LongLake Festival gadgets are on sale at the Info Point Lugano Scintilla.

Inside the Ciani Park there will be food trucks serving food and drinks; payments can be made by cash.
Inside the Boschetto there is a bar serving water, beer, soft drinks; payments can be made by cash. A few metres from Parco Ciani, at the mouth of the Cassarate River, Lugano Marittima offers food and drinks; payments can be made by card, Twint, cash, Bitcoin and LVGA.
Inside the Parco Ciani there are several drinking water fountains marked on the Festival map.

There are four toilets in the Ciani Park in the vicinity of the Cantonal Library.
One of the four toilets is wheelchair-accessible.

The LongLake Festival area is fully accessible to wheelchair users.
For all events, people with disabilities will be entitled to a seat close to the stage, by announcing themselves by email at [email protected].

Updates on individual events (weather changes, schedule changes, cancellations) will be communicated via the Festival’s social channels, the festival website, the Lugano Eventi app and the following landing

The festival does not have any specific facilities. The advice is to look for accommodation close to the city centre in order to get around easily by public transport or PubliBike.

Near the Park and within it is a varied Food & Drink offering with a food and picnic area, drink and ice cream stands. Alternatively, the city center offers numerous options to suit any palate and wallet.

No, but as in previous editions, you will be able to use the various drinking fountains in Ciani Park and on the city grounds to fill your water bottles. Consult the map to find out where they are located.

Ticket and concert info

Tickets for concerts taking place at the Boschetto del Parco Ciani can be purchased in advance on biglietteria.ch or at the box office on the evening of the concert (from 7.30 p.m.), if tickets are available.
Tickets for concerts taking place at the Piazza Luini can be purchased in advance on biglietteria.ch and luganolac.ch or at the box office on the day of the concert (from 2pm to 10pm), if tickets are available.
Tickets for the performances and seminars can be purchased in advance on biglietteria.ch.

Yes, tickets are personal and non-transferable to third parties.

At the access control you will be asked for the QR code of the ticket purchased in advance. If, on the other hand, the ticket is purchased at the evening box office, you will be given a wristband directly for access to the concert area.
For security reasons, you may be asked to show proof of identity.

Those who have purchased a season ticket will receive a special bracelet valid for the four concerts at the Boschetto in the Parco Ciani; the season ticket also entitles them to free access to the After Party at the Studio Foce, subject to availability.
To obtain the bracelet, you will need to go to the Festival ticket office located in the space in front of the entrance to the Boschetto area with the QR code issued by biglietteria.ch. The wristband may not be given to third parties under any circumstances or for any reason whatsoever; although the wristband is water-resistant, it must be kept in good condition and worn for the duration of the event. It is recommended not to remove it until the end of the entire Festival. In the event of deterioration, breakage or loss, the wristband will not be replaced and no refund will be granted by the organisation.

For ticketed events, persons with disabilities accompanied by a person may purchase a single full-price ticket on the pre-sale platform ticketing.ch or at the evening box office, by emailing [email protected].

For safety reasons, it is not possible to bring into the area of the Ciani Park Grove

  • suitcases, bags, backpacks larger than 15 litres in capacity
  • spray cans of any kind;
  • bicycles, skateboards, hover-boards and any other motorised or non-motorised means of transport;
  • alcoholic beverages of any strength;
  • beverages in cans, glass bottles
    metal flasks or plastic bottles larger than 0.5 litres;
  • professional or semi-professional cameras, professional audio/video recording equipment, tripods, selfie sticks, drones, remote-controlled aeroplanes;
  • animals of any kind and size;
  • musical instruments;
  • umbrellas, poles, pens and laser pointers; helmets for both motorbikes and bicycles; pocket knives;
  • in general, any blunt object.

Infants or children in prams must wear special ear protectors, which must be worn by the parent.
During paid concerts, staff will be present to ensure the safety of participants.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring flasks with a capacity of more than 0.5 litres into the concert area; it will therefore only be possible to enter with flasks with a capacity of less than 0.5 litres.

More Info

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] with a detailed explanation of the proposal/request, so that it can be forwarded to the relevant team.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests, we cannot always guarantee a response: if the proposal is deemed valid, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

To proceed with a press/photo accreditation request, please write to [email protected].

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, we cannot guarantee confirmation of accreditation for all applicants, also due to the limited capacity for each concert/event.
If your request is considered valid, you will be contacted as soon as possible in the days leading up to the start of the event, in order to define the accreditation policy for the events/concerts.