Buskers The Venopian Solitude


The quirky one woman band hailing from Selangor, Malaysia is constantly surprised at her own success. Suiko Takahara began by making her own brand of music and releasing it on Bandcamp and YouTube, which slowly garnered her a following amidst the anonymity. Her choice of instruments range of ‘anything she can get her hands on’, from the typical sounds of an acoustic guitar to the atypical tissue box.

Calling upon the influences of Kimya Dawson, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling and Kimbra (to name a few), she’s put together an EP, ‘Warkah Narcissus’ in May 2013 which consists of two songs, ‘Warkah Pendekar’ and ’Narcissus’. The EP was fully funded by The Wknd after she sent in a demo as part of their Recording Fund Contest. As of late, she is currently recording a second EP with the producer Anas Amdan of Kasi Gegar Entertainment, and is planning on destroying the local music industry and subsequently dominating Earth with her brain-damaging musical repertoire.