LongLake Medirettanean Experience Park&Read


A relaxing and cultural oasis surrounded by greenery, without leaving the City! Park & Read is an open-air micro-library. An initiative that transforms a place of transit into an area of contemplation, a relaxing and cultural oasis, that encourages exchange between generations, locals and tourists. 

The micro-libraries in Parco Ciani and Villa Carmine allow you to relax in a wonderful natural environment, where you can read a book, a magazine, a comic or one of the newspapers put at your disposal by the Agorateca of Lugano. The open-air area in the Parco Ciani, outside the Darsena, also hosts readings and cultural meetings during the LongLake Festival. There are tables, chairs and loungers , as well as a snack bar at the Darsena and inside the Villa Carmine.