LongLake Urban Art Experience Lugano Bella

Arts, Exhibitions

A young collective of small-scale manufacturers based on the concept that Lugano is beautiful, but that it could be even more so! A meeting place, along the lakefront, to promote local products.

Given the great fervour of designers and creative talent in the region, there was the desire to offer a place that encompassed the various groups in Ticino, with the possibility also for people to meet with artists and craftspeople to hear their story.

You can discover the brand Old Captain Co. by Yari Copt to see how music, art and sport can inspire the manufacturing of shirts, admire the industrial style that characterises the metal furniture of Nicholas Andina or take a trip of the senses through Ticino with the handmade cosmetics made from the herbs and plants found in our region by Soalp and much more… there are many other handmade products in Ticino to discover. Project in collaboration with Arte Urbana Lugano.

In the event of bad weather, the area will remained closed.