Worlds Festival In the vortex of the moment. On a trip with Clarice Lispector


Accompanied by musical interludes with the harpist Kety Fusco, Daniele Bernardi offers an event so that those that are unfamiliar with her life and work, as well as fans, can get to know the existential and artistic adventure of Clarice Lispector (Chechelnyk, 1925 - Rio de Janeiro, 1977), unanimously considered to be the greatest Brazilian writer of the last century – as well as the most important Jewish author after Franz Kafka.

Clarice Lispector was also a fascinating and enigmatic woman: “I am so mysterious that I don’t understand myself”, she once said. And the obscurity, the indescribable, together with the fire of expressive necessity, are the main traits of her many, amazing works (including the articulate Near to the wild heart and the novels and poems, The apple in the dark, The Passion according to G.H., The hour of the star). Accompanied by musical interludes with the harpist Kety Fusco, with In the Vortex of the Moment. On a trip with Clarice Lispector, Daniele Bernardi offers a kind of conference-show that invites those that are unfamiliar with her life and her work, as well as her fans, to get to know the artistic and existential adventure of this great writer. In view of the edition dedicated to Brazil by Babel – Literature and translation festival, the actor and poet will follow Lispector’s life, from her birth in Ukraine to her death in Rio at only fifty-two years old.

Daniele Bernardi was born in 1981. He has published two poetry plaquettes with the Alla Chiara fonte and LietoColle publishing houses. His work has also been published in various anthologies and magazines. He collaborates with RSI (Rete Due), with the magazine “Cenobio” and the weekly newspapers “Azione” and “Ticinosette”. In 2013 he put together the anthology of journalist articles of Antonio Porta Abbiamo da tirar fuori la vita (“We have to get something out of life”) (Cenobio publishing house) and in 2016 published the poetry collection Gabbie per belve (“Cages for wild beasts”) for the Casagrande publishing house. He is a professional actor and has been working between Switzerland and Italy for several years.

Kety Fusco started to play the harp at the age of 8, graduating in 2011 from the Conservatory of Brescia and being awarded a Master of Arts in music performance at the Conservatory of the Italian-speaking Switzerland in Lugano. She has worked with Peter Kernel – the group nominated for the 2016 Swiss music award – the cellist Zeno Gabaglio and the writer Alberto Nessi, winner the 2016 Swiss Grand Award for Literature. For some time she has been composing her own music with the electrical harp, synthesizer and live electronics.

Daniele Bernardi proposes readings by the Brazilian writer. Musical interludes with the harpist Kety Fusco.