Van Couver


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22.07.2023, 18:30,┬áPunta Foce – Lato Parco Ciani
22.07.2023, 20:30,┬áDarsena – Parco Ciani
23.07.2023, 17:45,┬áDarsena – Parco Ciani

The music of Van Couver, a band born in 2018 in Lugano, conveys a feeling of energy but at the same time of sweetness and insecurity, with a desire not to give up on everyday life. A combination of styles, fresh and overwhelming.
Pulling vocals, dreamy guitars, hard bass and pounding drums. The clear Brit pop influence of the 90s, from Oasis to Ride, but with more contemporary indie rock sounds like Interpol, DIIV and Beach Fossils, is easily recognisable in their music.