Tom Siddh ZonaSun


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Tom Siddh ZonaSun was for 15 years the soul and the frontman of ZonaSun, the first reggae group in Ticino, starting from 2003, a group with which he released two records and held hundreds of concerts, also winning an edition of Palco Ai Giovani and playing on prestigious stages such as the European Reggae Contest at the Rototom Sun Splash festival. Today, with a reduced lineup, he continues to spread his music and his positive message: supported by the musicians of the Wise Monkey Lab collective of which he is co-founder and which also includes some historical members of ZonaSun. The setback of live activity due to the pandemic was an opportunity to work on their sound and on the use of technology in the service of music. The result is a quartet that blends more classic sounds such as flute, electric guitar, bass and keyboards, with punctual interventions of synths and loops created live; as for the drums, electronic boxes and snare drums and more organic percussion coexist. All coloured by effects such as echoes and reverberations, typical of dub music. The result is a sound, between digital and analogue, in step with the times but which does not forget the roots and the warmth and which goes well with the sensitivity and social commitment of the lyrics.