The Next Movement


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The three musicians J.J. Flueck, Pascal “P” Kaeser and Sam Siegenthaler have been playing together since 2003 and to date have received several awards, performing live in different ensembles as or together for artists such as Nicole Bernegger, Greis or William White, before they decided, united by their enthusiasm for funk, R&B, blues and jazz, to form a band themselves and write their own songs: thus The Next Movement was born. After the two funk tracks “Superfly” and “Voodoo”, the band had already hit and released the album “Loud” (2018), with which they went on a tour across Europe. They then researched new ideas and started working on the songs again. Particularly extended by soul and jazz elements, the eponymous “The Next Movement” is consequently an even more mature album, fully produced for funk dancing in the style of James Brown, Prince, Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis.