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10.07.2023, 18:00, Palco Fleur

In 1975 the cooperative Teatro Panzinis Zircus was founded, which in 1987 became the Associazione Teatro Pan.

For more than thirty years, the city of Lugano has been the permanent home of the company’s activities, which has become an artistic and cultural reality, capable of creating synergies that grow with the methodologies of the artists of Pan’s core group and are enriched by the experience of collaborators from different countries.

The main characteristic is that it has always been aimed at the young and the very young, while at the same time seeking to cross age boundaries and thus to involve even the most adult audiences.

Particular care is paid to the creative work of the actor, the dramaturgy and the chosen themes that provide food for thought.

The Pan Theatre organises the annual International Theatre Festival and the annual Review “Senza confini, grandi e piccini insieme a teatro”.
The Pan is a member of ASTEJ (Swiss Association of Theatre for Children and Youth) and of TASI (Associated Theatres of Italian Switzerland).