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Quintet of musicians, each with different past experiences: Stefano Chiassai (guitars) and Giona Mattei (bass) played with the post-rock band KOVLO also participating in several European and Chinese tours; Flavio Calaon (keyboards) solo artist but also a member of the Shindo duo and the Flanard group; Dimitri A. (drums) played very different musical styles and was a producer of avant-garde Swiss jazz; and Nick Poretti (vocals) is a former member of the nu-prog Plain group and known for his collaborations. All this led to the creation of the group, mixing the psychedelia of the first Pink Floyd, the post-funk of the 80s, the classic shoegaze and the post-rock influences taken from KOVLO. Following the release of three digital singles, they recorded seven tracks with extensive soundscapes, sounds and lyrics in which thoughts travel free exploring the facets of emotions.