Puts Marie


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15.07.2023, Boschetto – Parco Ciani
Inizio serata: ore 20:00
Opening: Samora – Puts Marie
Headliner: The Notwist
Closing: Fejká
Tickets: biglietteria.ch

Puts Marie is a Swiss band founded in 2000 as an instrumental quartet in Biel/Bienne. In 2001 they released their first album ‘Musique chinoise’ as a self-production. In 2003 the quartet became a trio after the departure of Felippe Zeltner and changed musical orientation from jazz rock to punk rock with Igor Stepniewski abandoning the saxophone for the electric bass. The band became a quartet again in 2003 with the addition of Max Usata as vocalist. The band travelled in a van for almost two years and played as street performers in several European countries. In 2005 they released their third album ‘Le drame du Pastis’, a collection of original songs and covers of artists such as Tom Waits and The Beatles. In 2007 they released their fourth album ‘Dandy Riot’. In 2009 they played for the first time outside Europe, in Mexico City, and recorded their maxi-CD ‘After the Hangman Comes the Surgeon’. In 2013 they released their third EP ‘Masoch’ and in 2015 they released their fifth album ‘Masoch I-II’, a collection of their two EPs. In 2018 and 2019 they toured several European countries after the release of their seventh album ‘Catching Bad Temper’. Their music has become harder and rap-influenced over the years and they have won numerous awards, including the City of Biel/Bienne Cultural Award and the Canton of Bern Award.