Petit Monsieur (Deux secondes!)

(FRA) – Visual

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Amandine Barrillon and Ivan Chary created the Compagnie du Petit Monsieur in 1998 and trace the incongruous into everyday life. Having fun with the little misadventures that, in spite of himself, transform Monsieur-tout-le-monde into a Clown, to fight a devious modernity. Without claiming to renew a genre whose masters are called Chaplin, the Mikos, George Carl, are inspired by these trivial circumstances, at first slightly out of phase, however plausible, and gently overturn them in burlesque. They play on a comedy of situations accentuated by the clownish virtues of mime and acrobatics, for the sole jubilation of the absurd and laughter. Photograph: © Kalimba