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19.07.2023, 20:00, Parco Ciani
19.07.2023, 21:45, Darsena – Parco Ciani
20.07.2023, 18:15, Darsena – Parco Ciani
20.07.2023, 21:30, Rivetta Tell
21.07.2023, 18:00, Parco Ciani
21.07.2023, 22:45, Rivetta Tell

Ukulele Sexy Duo is one of the ‘versions’ of the OneManPier project.
For 13 years, they have been performing songs with a cocky attitude and ukulele as a way of life.
Four albums to their credit, a handful of singles, more than 400 concerts all over Italy, and various noteworthy collaborations including those with Roberto ‘Freak’ Antoni & Dandy Bestia (Skiantos), Sasha Torrisi & Omar Pedrini (Timoria), Elisa Minari, Mimosa Campironi, Ilenia Volpe, Auroro Borealo, I Camillas, Enrico Farnedi, Giuseppe Fiori (Rezophonic) and Megahertz.
No a voe ‘ndar mae – live 2023’ new songs, new show for a show between engaging and energetic music, cabaret and improvisation. Original tracks and a few covers of Dalla, Skiantos and good stuff.