Mellow Mood


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Mellow Mood was born in Pordenone in 2005. Led by the twins Jacob and LO Garzia, the reggae band officially made its debut in 2009 when, without a label, distributor or press office, they released “Move!”, album with roots sounds which was supposed to address an Italian panorama, but which enjoyed an international success. In recent years they have established themselves as one of the biggest names on the European reggae scene. Now in their fifth album (“Large”, 2018), they have participated in some of the most important festivals in Spain, France, the United States and Colombia. Since 2015 they have curated “La Tempesta Dub”, a sub-label of the homonymous and best-known independent Italian label. Their latest single “I And I Chant”, the fourth from the new album to be released before the summer of 2022, was released last December 10 in collaboration with the US label Ineffable Records.