Max Gazzè


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  Bassist, musician, composer of ‘syntonic’ works and soundtracks, sporadic actor and over the top pilot: Max Gazzè is an artist capable of moving into very different fields and in everything he does, he is moved by a great passion and an energy that he transmits to the public. Stateless in the heart, citizen of the world in personal history, he has played in three continents and in twenty-seven years he has released eleven studio albums, three collections and a live; he has collaborated with over thirty Italian and international artists. Now he takes up the bass again and returns to tour to present his latest work “La matematica dei rami”, produced with the Magical Mystery Band, between underground and pop, electronic and rock. He is ready to play the new songs live with his musicians: Max Dedo (winds), Cristiano Micalizzi (drums), Clemente Ferrari (keyboards), Daniele Fiaschi (guitars).