Marco Zappa


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Marco Zappa is back on TOUR again in 2023, bringing his new show, born on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of his first single released in 1967: a selection of compositions taken from his repertoires – signed in more than half a century of artistic activity – and interpreted and played with new arrangements and many moments dedicated to improvisation.

Songwriting, blues and poetry, in a new Band synthesis, with several moments of reflection and sharing regarding his life’s journey and the evolutions of his music.

The new 2023 TOUR is a concentration of lyrics, vocals, music, arrangements, guitars, bouzouki, clarinet, horn, harmonica, violyra., percussions..

Extraordinary the impact with the small stage, and also with the small and intimate rooms, permeated by a mood without boundaries, spontaneous and exclusive at the same time, born precisely from the direct and close contact with the audience.

“The real magic springs from here, from the response you find to what you say and do,” is the artist’s comment, “so much so that in every theater and in every country where I perform I like to understand how people react, within a perpetual exchange that ranges from Algeria to Norway to South Africa, America, Albania, Lugano … to destinations around the corner.

An explorer of the world and human existence, multifaceted figure Zappa gives others, as well as himself, an unprecedented and unrepeatable moment with ad hoc arrangements and set list.

To make the communication between the artist and the audience even more fluid are the short introductions to each song, keys to mutual deep connection even when not speaking the same language, when abroad or when the songs are in dialect.

Choosing from more than 350 songs, fishing among the 40 albums recorded and edited in more than 55 years of musical career.”