Lucilla Giagnoni

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After attending the Bottega di Gassman (Florence) with Vittorio Gassman and the great French actress J. Moreau, she participated in the creation of almost all the shows produced by the Teatro Settimo, winning national and international awards. Some of the collaborations to remember are with Luigi Squarzina, Franco Piavoli, Nicola Campogrande, Alessandro Baricco, Paola Borboni, Giuseppe Bertolucci and the directors of the Teatro Regio in Turin. In addition, Lucilla Giagnoni is the author of RAI radio broadcasts and her shows are all recorded and broadcast for television and published on DVD. She is a teacher of storytelling, she knows Greek, Latin, Hebrew and a little Sanskrit. All these languages ​​have helped her to carry out the search for her ” Lingua madre”. Since 2016 she has been the artistic director of the Teatro Faraggiana, reopened after 20 years of closure, which has become a cultural centre of theatre, music, dance, cinema, schools and a city landmark. She has dedicated about ten years to the “Landscapes” project, a study of the land in which you live.