Le Millipede


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22.07.2023, 20:00, Punta Foce – Lato Parco Ciani
23.07.2023, 10:30, Boschetto – Parco Ciani

After the highly acclaimed release of “Legs and Birds” by Le Millipede, the heart project of Mathias Götz, which he recorded almost single-handedly, Le Millipede now presents pieces from the album and earlier works live with a perfectly matched quartet. As this ensemble plays its way through the program with an enchanting lightness, they create moments for the ages, with beautiful melodic and harmonic arcs. They play balls to each other, suddenly playing freely to return to the actual composition in the next moment and continue as a coordinated unit, like a machine in which one cog meshes with the other and keeps the music moving forward. A machine with soul.