Le Caramantran


20.07.2023, 21:45, Rivetta Tell
21.07.2023, 20:45, Piazza Manzoni
21.07.2023, 22:45, Rivetta Tell
22.07.2023, 20:45, Piazza Manzoni
22.07.2023, 22:30, Piazza Manzoni

Limping on, attention, here they come! Old cap screwed on the head, Some java dances in their music balls. They won’t stand you up, they’re always there when there’s hay. Limping on the tarmac, with them, no melodrama. No nonsense, no trifles, hang on to your straps.

When these pranksters wiggle, we’ve got a crush on the Biguine you’d better hide your carrots. Here come.