Ivan Tresoldi

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08.07.2023, 10:30, Punta Foce – Lato Parco Ciani
08.07.2023, 20:00,  Lungolago di Lugano

Poet and artist, Ivan Tresoldi was born on 12 May 1981 in the arms of the Barona district, on the southern outskirts of Milan. A student at the Faculty of Sociology, attentive to art and society, he has been storming the streets with poetry since 2003, painting and posting some of his poems on the streets of Milan. He soon garnered the attention of citizens, newspapers and insiders. Over the years he travelled, taking his Street Poetry with him all over Europe, passing through Haiti, Chiapas, Cuba, Mali, South Africa, Santo Domingo, Lebanon, Palestine and New York, to name but a few places. He has participated in numerous events and exhibitions, both group and solo, in Italy and abroad. In 2015 he also co-founded Artkademy, an art production agency and creative collective, active in Italy and Europe, in collaboration with some of the major national and international museums, foundations, companies and cultural movements. As of today, Ivan Tresoldi is considered the main reference for the Street Poetry movement, an action of poetry that proposes and promotes new techniques and contents of a poetics that breaks the elitist boundary of poetry and spreads freely in the streets, among the people and promotes in Italy and abroad art and culture events dedicated to creative, alternative and solidarity realities.