I Test (DJ Set Giamma + Topazio Perlini)

(CH/ITA) – Music

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Gianmaria Zanda, aka “Forse”, also participates in the collective projects The V.A.C and The Bomb & the 85th Koala. Extravagant but also a little shy, he is inspired by genuine, heartfelt, original music. His instrumental set-up from 2013 to today consists of voice, guitar, keyboard, looper and reverb. His album “Harmony” (2020) contains songs that are limited to the base of the repetition of the loop-station, they are short and of few words so as to concentrate the juice in a small space and without dwelling, supported by effective melodies. Vittorio Ondedei, alias Topazio Perlini, is the singer and guitarist of I Crema, a band also formed by ex-members of Camillas, Daniel Gasperini and Enrico “Freddi” Liverani. In addition to being a prominent figure in Italian music, he is also a writer.