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Hilke is a former member of the Belgian dream pop outfit Amatorski and released some electronic tracks under the moniker Hroski. Now she shows herself in all honesty under her own name: Hilke. During the creation process, Hilke was searching for her own voice, somewhere on the spectrum between male and female. Pumping basses and banging electronic beats are combined with angelic vocals and melancholic atmospheres, dystopian vocal chops and chilling and breath-taking build-ups. ‘Silent Violent’ has become a disturbing journey wandering between the dance floor, consoling goosebump moments and socially critical contemplation. Hilke sees her personal journey more as a kind of metaphor for a process that we, as a society, could or should go through: questioning one’s gender identity, questioning gender as a social construct, has made her more aware about the importance of empathy and compassion.