Goffredo Buccini

Goffredo Buccini was born in Rome in 1961. With scoops and interviews he told the Clean Hands investigation in Milan. For twenty years he has been a special correspondent for the Corriere della Sera, of which he was a correspondent from the United States and directed the Roman edition from 2004 to 2009. He wrote two essays: “O mia bedda Madonnina” (Rizzoli 1993, with Peter Gomez ) and “L’Italia quaggiù” (Laterza 2013). And three novels: “Canone a tre voci” (Frassinelli 2000), Orapronò (Sperling & Kupfer 2002) and “La fabbrica delle donne” (Mondadori 2008, Biella prize 2009).