Giada Messetti

Giada Messetti, who grew up in Friuli, after graduating in Chinese from the University of Venice, moved to Beijing in 2005 where she worked for the main Italian newspapers – Rai, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Radio Popolare, Diario – providing informative and logistical contents, thanks to her contacts and her ability to create a system. She returned to Italy in 2011, she collaborated with some of the most important radio and TV broadcasts, before moving on to actual television writing. She is currently the author of in-depth programs on Rai3. For Strade Blu Mondadori published ” Nella testa del Dragone – Identità e Ambizioni della Nuova Cina” (2020) and ” La Cina è già qui – Perché è urgente capire come pensa il Dragone”, popular essays on China that photograph the present, the future and the culture of a country that is increasingly decisive on the global chessboard. Alongside these activities, she works as a mediator for events and conferences and as a commentator on radio and TV on issues relating to China.