Giacomo Toni

(ITA) – Music

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Pianist from Romagna, originally a songwriter, over time he became the “frontman” of the band he founded in 2005, the “900band”. He is known to the concert crowd for his use of a paradoxical mumbled lexicon and for his improvised monologues, which link one piece to another. His lyrics are ironic and pungent, melancholy and cynical with a cynicism that sometimes borders on euphoria. Each song is a tornado of disparate musical references and at the same time a story or a lyrical moment closed in on itself, strong, irreducible, without a line or a musical phrase out of place. With “900band” he has three albums: “Giacomo Toni & Novecento Band” (2006), “Metropoli” (2008) and “Hotel nord est” (2010), all self-produced and never officially released. In spring, Giacomo Toni’s first real album, Musica per Autoambulanze, published by MArteLabel, will be released.