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Gary Bernasconi, aka GaryLaLoupe, is an elite artist, musician, painter, ex-sportsman. Always attracted to the world of entertainment, he carries out two years of circus activity at the Chnopf circus, where he works as a comic figure. After a short period of activity at the Zurich Opera House, in 2018 he perfected his clown skills at the renowned Philippe Gaulier Theater-Clow school in Paris. Always passionate about music and former bassist of the Swiss-Italian funk-reggae band Against Babylon Corporation, in 2017 the one-man band project “GaryLaLoupe” was born, which is consolidated with the release of the first EP “Primavera” in 2021. GaryLaLoupe is an opportunity to experiment with one-man band techniques, explore various musical styles and electronic music, and be able to express one’s feelings, free from any prejudice or social stereotype.