Frah Quintale


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Platinum record with his debut album “Regardez Moi” (2017), Frah Quintale is one of the artists who changed the game of Italian pop, helping to outline a new genre, original both in its aesthetics and in its music. The album, released by Undamento with the production of Ceri, was entirely written by the artist himself, who also edited the graphics. After a tour and the reissue of the disc, he publishes the single “Farmacia” and announces “Banzai”, double album produced by Ceri: in 2020 “Banzai (Blue Side)” is released, preceded by the singles “Contento” and “Buio di Giorno” ; in 2021 “Banzai (Orange side)”, album full of color. With his music and his imagination, he was able to create a distinguishable and difficult to label vision and he always did it his way, with his taste for melody, his interpretations, and that freshness that characterizes each of his songs. Photograph: © Alessandro Treves