Everything Counts


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Everything Counts was born as a musical project in 2018, bringing together two artists Teodora (Toshka) and Chris Leon. Both with different backgrounds, they found themselves merging their vast musical knowledge to create music of particular sounds, mixing electronic sounds with ethnic references, thus offering the listener scenes full of emotions. In 2018, their first album, The Bedouin, was released on the German label 3000Grad. Later they released new productions on Cosmic Awakenings, Lump Records, Sudam, Radiant. and Pipe & Pochet. In 2020 other Ep and remixes will be released on labels such as Connected Frontline, Seven Villas, kinesen and others. 2021 begins with the release of the song Mbodiene on Moblack and the remix of the famous song “Mona Ki Ngi Xica” by Bonga also on Moblack Records. They also start the collaboration with PURE IBIZA RADIO where every Thursday of the week they express themselves with their radioshow “Be With You” from 5pm.