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Davide Botta, born in 1986, is a self-taught composer and musician, aka Endless. In 2015, thanks to a group of musician friends, he approaches this world and began taking inspiration from prominent artists, such as Thom Yorke and Nine Inch Nails and from the need to be able to express himself through it. His main instruments are the piano and synthesizers and with them he produces his experimental and chill music, combining rock sounds and more avant-garde, introspective and dreamlike atmospheres. His distinctive feature is the repetition of jingling sounds combined with echoes, which create an illusory but at the same time suggestive rhythm. In 2016 he independently released his first album titled “Escape from Reality” and in April 2022 “Intensity Chill feat Erich Brand Jr remixes” was released, initially a single released in 2017 and later turned into a record, released by the label 3-4-1 Cuts.