Elisabetta Del Ferro

(ITA) – Music

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Elisabetta Del Ferro is an Italian singer, composer and musician of viola da gamba. She teaches Masterclasses in Italy and abroad, she holds concerts playing ancient instruments that she builds in her workshop (violas, “vielle”, “ribeche”, lutes…) and combines them with electronics and a loop station. You studied classical guitar for 8 years and viola da gamba for 8 years, graduating from the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro and continuing your viola da gamba studies for 2 years at the Civic School of Milan and for another 4 years at the Fiesole School of Music. In 2001 she began her concert career, playing solo and in Renaissance and Baroque ensembles in the most important theatres and festivals in Italy. Over the years, her interest in experimentation and contemporary music increases, and she begins collaborations in which she brings her ancient instrument into modern musical contexts.