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(CH/TI) – Music

Cedric Blaser, born in 1988, is a Ticino musician, composer and actor, member of various Swiss groups, including Saraka and Yakubanè. He studied guitar in Ticino with Gabriele Cavadini, at the CSI music school since 2000 and with Julien Feltin at the EJMA – École de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle since 2012. He plays in numerous music festivals, shows and films, including the feature film “Tutti basso “, By Niccolò Castelli (2011). Additionally, he is co-founder of the ABC band, which have been touring Europe successfully since 2010.
He turns out to be a multi-instrumentalist in his solo project. Guitar, oud, flute, percussion, synthesizer or looper cross the prism of its many jazz, world or afro psychedelic influences.