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19.07.2023, 22:15,┬áPunta Foce – Lato Parco Ciani
20.07.2023, 20:30, Parco Ciani
21.07.2023, 20:45, Parco Ciani
22.07.2023, 20:30, Rivetta Tell
23.07.2023, 16:15, Darsena – Parco Ciani

Degurutieni is a One Man band Each performance is like a kaleidoscope – always changing most time Exotis some industrial, a sprinkle of a cabaret, a side show act perhaps… but always with lyrics, that have been collected, spliced, recounted and retold like that of a poet. What started as a solo project has sometimes morphed to include band members and has birthed many collaborations with talented artists from Europe, USA, Thailand, Morocco or Russia and more…Of Acme (Primitive Music) 2013- Planet Percia (self released).