Davide Enea Casarin


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17.07.2023, 21:00, Rivetta Tell

Davide is an actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, and also a half cook, photographer, expert TV series watcher, and paraglider. He doesn’t have many passions, actually. He grew up in Lugano, then studied at the Paolo Grassi School of Acting in Milan, and currently lives in Rome. After various experiences as an actor in theater, TV series, and films, several participations in stand-up comedy open mics, and nights performing his songs in venues, he decided to combine all of this into a show titled “I Think Too Much.” This show encompasses all his passions, or at least almost all of them, although he still needs to figure out how to include cooking and he’s open to suggestions on that. It’s a musical stand-up comedy show where he plays instruments, sings, improvises in a rap style, and, above all, does stand-up comedy. It’s a show where he lets all his crazy sides express themselves. After the successful debut in Rome, the show will soon be performed in the main cities in Italy.