Bad Farini


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21.07.2023, 21:30, Rivetta Tell
21.07.2023, 23:45, Parco Ciani
22.07.2023, 19:00, Rivetta Tell
22.07.2023, 20:45, Parco Ciani
23.07.2023, 19:00, Darsena – Parco Ciani

Bad Honko, founder and drummer of Appaloosa, with a solo album under his belt (“KILO40”, Aloch Dischi, 2019); in 2022 included by Rockit in the list of the 20 best Italian drummers.

Nino Farini, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist who, among others, has played with Calibro 35, C’mon Tigre, Serena Altavilla; with a solo EP (“AlVaro”, Boliervaz, 2023).

In February 2023, they met and formed Bad Farini, apparently Dylan Dog’s favourite band.