Antoine Déprez e Ursula Bucher


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Antoine Déprez was born in Lille, France, in 1978. He studied graphic arts at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon where he obtained a diploma as an illustrator / painter. In 2002 he moved to Lugano where he worked as an illustrator in the children’s edition, press, advertising, and various theater companies. He loves to range between techniques, from painting to screen printing, passing from colored pencils to “la carte à gratter”. The cornerstone of his work is the character, the subject of continuous graphic research. The poster is the support where he has the most fun communicating with his images. Since 2016, he has lived and worked in the Novaggio nucleus. Ursula Bucher was born in Roveredo (Grisons – CH) in 1977. After studying graphics at the CSIA in Lugano she moved to Lyon, where in 2002 she graduated in illustration at the Emile Cohl school. She lives in Novaggio with her partner Antoine Déprez and their two children. She works as an illustrator of children’s books and independent graphic designers. She collaborates with several Italian, French and Swiss publishing houses.