Alice Phoebe Lou

(South Africa)

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Originally from South Africa, Alice Phoebe Lou is known around the world for her refined street blues. Proud of her independent approach and raised in an artistic family environment, at the age of sixteen Alice Phoebe Lou embarks on her first trip to Europe alone with a guitar. After returning to South Africa to complete her studies, she decides to move to Berlin and began collaborating with artists in the world of acoustic jazz and electronics. “Momentum” EP, made in total autonomy, saw the light in 2014. In 2016 he released “Orbit”, the first studio album, a record with jazz influences and a wandering spirit, enriched with his soprano voice, followed by “Paper Castles”, the second studio album: a siren’s voice tells of the travels and adventures of the young musician and songwriter, among folk melodies, blues and hints of electronics.