Having reached its 9th edition, the international LongLake Festival is one of the biggest open-air city festivals in Switzerland. Concerts, music for all tastes, literature, gatherings, entertainment, theatre, dance, cinema, children’s shows and urban art installations will invade the streets, squares and public parks of the city creating an intense encounter between artists and the public.



An apparent delirium of freaks, artists egos, musicians assembling and disassembling in artistic harmony over a five-day period. The Festival pays homage to the art of street performance that, despite the simplicity of its means, produces performances of outstanding quality.

Organization and artistic direction:
Ilenia Ricci, Damiano Merzari, Gianmaria Zanda, Paride Bernasconi

Basic RGB

ROAM is an alternative music festival with its creative roots in the north of Europe, but always keeps an open mind to all its forms at an international level. An intense ambiance, combined with incredible musical spaciousness and sound in the perfect setting of the enchanting Parco Ciani. An ideal kind of “roaming”, but with a very precise destination and identity.

Organization and artistic direction:
Filippo Corbella

41st edition of the renowned event dedicated to jazz, soul, blues and world music with international artists.

Organization and artistic direction:
Jacky Marti, Andreas Wyden

From literature to art, passing through architecture and science, the festival “breathes” the minds of its audience, in an meeting of words and worlds.

Organization and artistic direction:
Claudio Chiapparino e Ilenia Ricci

LongLake Lugano Experience

A Festival made up of various themed sections to help you to choose from among the most iconic summer events in Lugano, ranging from events to places to be experienced. During the LongLake Festival several areas of the city come to life like never before with a number of summer leisure and food & drink events.

National Day Lugano

A full programme of events that culminates with the traditional fireworks display.